Ivaset Launch

HiNews 2016Q1

Highnoon Cardiology is known for various successful brands and their launch events. Beginning of year 2016 marks the start of new era, as a new team PACERS was set up, extending the armory of products.

PACERS is formed to set the pace of expanding Highnoon Cardiology. Ivaset is the newly added jewel to get Pacers set this pace.

A sensational launch event was conducted on 11th& 12th January to ignite JUNOON JEET KA, simultaneously for Pacers & Ivaset. This includes training to the sales team and unveiling of both Pacers & Ivaset.

Highlights of the event were Pacers team visit to Head Office and manufacturing plant of Highnoon, passionate Highnoon song sung by Mr. Imran Ali from Quetta which was composed by himself and product unveiling. Ivaset cake was cut by CEO Dr. Adeel Abbas and team leaders in the background of team’s junoon, music and confetti’s. Prizes were given in the end for to exceptional performers in training and detailing sessions.